Mumuksutva – VivekaChudamani 27

Sri Adi Shankaracharya talks of three essential qualities for self realization.

  1. Discriminating capacity to separate real from the unreal.
  2. The capacity to detach ourselves from the attachment to the result.
  3. Calmness, self control inner peace forbearance.

He then talks of another quality Mumuksutva which the acharya calls a s the true spirit of a seeker.  This is the burning desire to connect to the true self. To achieve this one needs to release oneself from bondage or egoism, to the body and so on. For these bondages get created by ignorance.

The quest of the supreme is not an aimless wandering or an random occurrence with a transient guru, or God. It is a desire that comes from within. It about overcoming our fragilities and limitations to understanding our true self. We tend to identify the self with body-mind-intellect but we are much more than that. The minute we stop indentifying with these limitation we are able move towards the real.

This is an ongoing practice happening every moment, not just half an hour of reading and memorizing the scriptures.

Ahankaradidehantan bandhanajnankalpitan

Svasvarupavabodhena muktumicchu mumksutva


Mumkutsva is the impatient and burning desire to release onself by releasing the real nature of one’s self from all bondage of ego, body, and intellect these bondages are created by ignorance.

A very good place for people to begin their questi Books are available on

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