Purr-sonally Speaking

It’s about 6am; I’m out on a walk after a long time. There are dog-mama’s and papa’s walking their dogs on a leash with coats and diapers. To me this cruelty, we pull the animal from its natural environment, wean him or her from natural state and then claim to love them…

 “Mee..yawn its Jan.22nd remember” …

“So?” I snapped back utterly irritated by the cat-call I mean the mewing cat.

“It’s the annual answer your cats question day.”

To be very frank I’m neither dog-ma nor Cat-whatever person. Like I mentioned before I think animals should be honoured for the way nature designed them. Questions in themselves are questionable, like Camus claimed that the only serious question is whether to kill yourself or not, while Tom Robbins claims that the only serious question is whether time has a beginning and an end. Probably Camus got on the wrong side of the bed, and Tom Robbins forgot to set his alarm, to me there is only one serious question why can’t people mind their business. Answer that and I’ll tell you whether you should kill time or yourself. Anyway it makes more sense to judge a person by his questions rather than his answers.

“Me..You..nn” meowed the cat again rather irritated. Now I was annoyed too (BTW this is the translated conversation to have a ready reckoner on mewing please follow this link

“Yup, purrson…I don’t see the problem here, I’m just making conversation. And this is an annual tradition. Tell me why is it that you humans are so bent not being able to accept things the way they are?”

“what do you mean?” I asked “the poor dog there he has forgotten his canine instincts and traits, here he is wearing a diaper and T-shirt” the cat mentioned.

Like each time I asked the cat what’s your name and pat came the reply, “cats don’t have names, we know who we are”

“Why the leash? Purrson… would these Dog-ma’s leash a human young one?”   “No I replied anyway the leash keeps the dogs safe.”  

“Really” the cat mocked me. Thinking of it, of all God’s creatures cats are the only ones that cannot be leashed.

Our sparing was kind of interrupted by a gentle thud, a stick being thrown, “fetch Sheru” of course the servile Sheru wheezes and pants and brings the stick to his master.

The cat looked at me rather amused and bored and with some kind of politeness asked, “Purrson what do think is the psychology here”

Of course feline psychology is not my space, but from human point of view may be it panders to a feeling of being superior… an animal that scampers excitedly because someone else wants something, a superior animal which lives its own life and knows the puerile stick-throwing of alien bipeds is neither its business nor is it worth its attention.

We were still viewing Sheru and his master…Sheru barking, begging to continue play while the master rebuking him with, “chalo it’s getting late”

“Do these endeavours pander to the purrson’s self importance” asked the cat.

“Maybe” I replied.

“Well since you don’t really seem to want to converse let’s wait for another year” said the cat as it sauntered away.

Maybe cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a purpose. Yet the cat has its place like the cat told me in our last conversation.

It’s time to learn from the cats, if someone moves to make room for you take up more room. If someone is looking over there, definitely there is something to see. If someone brings a bag into your home, look inside. If you don’t want someone to leave sit on his bag. Clean yourself, and flaunt your figure. Even though you can take care of yourself, it’s okay to let someone be nice to you. It’s fine to take a nap on the laundry. If you are alone in the bed use all the pillows, just because it is gorgeous outside it does not mean you have to go outside. If you trust someone, open yourself like a cheap umbrella. If you want to be left alone park yourself on the tallest closet. If you are not interested, don’t look interested. You don’t have chase every bird you see.

Think about it, the cat is the smallest in it the Felidae family yet it is the most evolved and survived the longest.  It charms you into playing for its benefit when it wishes to be amused. It refuses play when it is not in humour. That is personality and individuality and self respect. A calm mastery of a being whose life is its own and not yours—and superior person recognizes and appreciates this because he too is a free soul whose position is assured and whose only law is his heritage and aesthetic sense.

Maa Dosakurma’s personal guru Felis Catus.

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