International Beer Day 2021 Uncovered.

The first Friday of August is dedicated to the beer. It’s called the International Beer day. I’ve written about it in post in 2015. The event debuted in 2007 created by Jesse Ashalomovn a day when friends in St.Cruz California.

 Since I’m not very much into brews other than coffee and tea, I did miss out the actual day which falls on 6th of August this year. It was my patient David who brought it to my notice. David brought to me, by his family to deal with his addiction. He was explaining to me how he was not a real addict, because a real alcoholic would want nothing but booze. Of course he agreed like a ‘real’ alcoholic he had also lost faith in God, people ( of course not mom) and government,  according to him this where the similarity ended, for he was okay with the 12 steps while a real alcoholic would just want a beer even after the 12 steps. ‘Fair enough I thought.

To be frank I do like conversations with David, it’s quite informative and out of the box. Like he told me in all earnestness, “doc, I only drink beer, I like everything about it, the smell, the taste, and even the sound.”

“Sound of beer?” I asked.

“Yes, the cool thunk of the cap coming off the bottle. You see doc, whiskey has to sipped, and I was never a sipper, not even my baby days. I was a guzzler. I love the feeling of it all… it’s like opening the wide the mouth of the soul and pour a cold one down my throat; my mind is already racing to the next. Think of it doc, beer is kind of faithful, like an old friend, a stale familiarity I’m grounded down to earth. I’m a beer man” was is declaration.

He did give me another long story about the myth behind the creation of beer, that’s for next year. But then he made a ‘wellness’ case for beer which was interesting too. He went on list the good effects of beer,

“listen doc, if you drink beer na…’  David argued, ‘there is 20-40% decrease in heart rate.

It has anti-oxides, so it reduces brain cell oxidization, which means less risk of Alzheimer’s, it also means less risk of cancer.

It contains, xanthols, which mean it is anti-inflammatory, it can also be used to sterilize wounds, haven’t you seen in movies? It reduces chances of infection and gangrene.

It has silicon, bioactive polyphenols vitamin B that makes it a great component to build bones.

It has fibre content and lipoprotein so the clogged arteries are cleaned.

I know of a nephrologist who recommends moderate beer to shatter kidney stones.’ David, paused for a breathe and I raised my eyebrows.  ‘Now tell me doc, what’s wrong with beer?”

I tried telling him, ‘David it is not the beer that is the problem but the quantity in which you guzzle it”

David gave me his most geeky look by the way he is the classic nerd, “listen doc, whoever drinks beer, he is quick to sleeps whoever sleeps long does not sin, whoever does not sin, enters Heaven! So let’s have a beer”

I almost said “Hail Mary” but of course

2 Replies to “International Beer Day 2021 Uncovered.”

  1. Loved this one on Beer, of course, it causes one to urinate a lot and cleans up the kidney, bladder system, so no calcifications survive. But look at all those handsome hunks who go around with a big drooping beer belly!

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