Romance the self — Center Stage #14

Yesterday as the world and husband/partner were busy being plied with Valentine’s bargain. Goa, Uttarakhand and some other state I think U.P. was busy polling. Thankfully the keepers of democracy did not call up people as

‘Goenkarono…valentine day cha hardhik subeche.. atta desha prati tumcha prem sadhakara tumcha bahumulya mat amka diya’

I was watching the disgusting show Wagle ki Duniya gone is the trails and triumphs of middle-class family, this was about teddy bears and gifts. Validation through gifts received…

In 1990 Valentine’s Day greeting was considered Pedder Road culture. We received roses and chocolates of different hues for each colour told us something. Of course, we all kept a watch for the red rose which sometimes did turn up. But nothing this commercial.

Coming back to 2022, I’ve notice while valentines’ parties’ gifts and commercials are making great rounds actual committed relationship is not happening. We also forget that Feb. 14th commemorates: the V-Day and the singles awareness day.

I really liked the initiative by

Let’s romance the self. How does one romance the self without getting into the space of narcists? Well, that is the first step isn’t understanding that I can only give what I have.

Accepting the self, asserting and setting boundaries.  Let’s begin with a simple exercise can you list three things you like about the following headings

  • Yourself
  • Your friends
  • Your family
  • Your inspiration
  • Your pets
  • Your community
  • Earth.

Write each one as a gratitude. This will bring in a different vibration within you. It is now time practise a little bit.

  • Self-nurturance. Do that one thing you enjoyed doing as child.
  • Self-forgiveness
  • Self-care – get that appointment with the doctor, dentist, parlour
  • Celebrate yourself.

If you are the kind to set goals and targets set achievable ones.  

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