World Day Of the Unborn Child

The day of the unborn child

This was created by pope John Paul the idea being dignity of human life from conception to death. I have written about this both in 2020 and 2021.  El Salvador was the first country to officially adopt it in 1999.

This year something different happened. Through February I was dealing with patients who were dealing with the fear of death. Well, when we did regress to the point where the fear entered the person went into a point in the intra-uterine life where the mother considered abortion.   That made me think again. Miscarriages, still births are contracts that are nullified, or the energy exchange is complete sometimes to be re-negotiated. But abortion, like the Hindu scriptures call it is definitely ‘brunahatya’ a form of murder. Again, is it really?

Not every abortion is about unwanted pregnancy, there are health, financial, social considerations that lead to the decision of abortion. In most cases parents go through lot of guilt, anguish and many a times it is a relief.

The pro-life people do things like mass for the unborn child, counselling or marching to the couple contemplating abortions, protests in front of the abortion clinics etc.

In India abortion till the 20th week was legal and only one doctor needed to asses the situation but in 2020 an amendment was made where abortion could be performed till the 24th week but it required assessment of two doctors. The mental and physical health of the mother and child being the criteria.

Post abortion trauma is just as bad. Beginning with

  • Guilt of having done away with a living soul. The parents are rarely given the space to grieve the lost child and the tendency of the support circle is, “you’ve done the right thing put it behind you.”
  •  Post abortion depression, is carrying the memory of the procedure and pre-abortion states, emotional triggers can activate the unpleasant memory it could be conversations, smells, sounds like drills
  • Indelible memoires as oxytocin which helps build the maternal bond takes 4 weeks to flush out. Until then there is a hormonal imbalance in the person.
  • Hordes of painful memories of:
    • Drama surrounding the pregnancy test, people’s recommendations, both for and against the abortion.
    • Trauma of the decision of taking life.
    • Waiting before the procedure, with other equally distraught couples.
    • Painful sounds and screams of other women as they endure their pain.
    • The procedure itself, the treatment of the doctors, nurses, the stirrups, sound of vacuums or other machinery
    • The post procedural recovery where pain and bleeding begin and often involves sitting where others are going through the pain.
    • Finally, the way the society treats the person post abortion.

So, evicting an unborn child is just as painful to the parents in most cases. I wonder if the protestors who are all about human dignity the pro-life activists how can you talk about prolife when you are able to accept free sale of guns, street violence, domestic abuse, the stifling of Kurds, and bombing of Ukraine? And claim to respect life from conception to birth.

Do you realize when you deliver a foetus you don’t get a birth certificate, you get a death certificate. No matter why you took that decision, but a part of you will always wonder if you did wrong. S

Seriously I agree with Marilyn Manson when she says ‘we don’t like to kill our unborn; we need them to grow up and fight our wars”

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