To Be or Not Be Vegetarian.

The world vegetarian day is observed annually around the planet on October 1st.  In reality it celebrates the establishment of North American Vegetarian society.  This was in 1977 and endorsed in 1978 by international vegetarian union. The ideology being to promote joy, compassion and life-enhancing possibilities of vegetarianism. It brings to awareness the ethical, environmental, healthy and humanitarian benefits of being vegetarian. It begins today on the 1st of October as a month-long vegetarian awareness month and ends with November 1st as world Vegan day.

It is called reverence for life month.


There was a rather well-known person who said, he did not eat his friends so he did not eat animals. Well, that’s his take.

I am a vegetarian, because I was raised as one. There is a food chain we are also part of it, covid has proved that we are fodder for forget microbes, but virus too.

Plants do have life. Actually, they are the second level of consciousness with crystals being first.

Plants breathe, they reproduce they respond to stimuli, scientists have proved they are empathetic too. Don’t bring up the nonsense saying they don’t move; they do the proof of that is the breeze and wind that blow by.

One can question the human efficacy in digesting meat… given the smaller canines, and the gut juices. But there are meats that humans can consume and have consumed over ages.

To me the Kosher and Halal makes lot of sense where the butcher thanks and seeks forgiveness from the animal that he is slaughtering. The ancients had a system of planting a tree before they could cut one.

Plants are just as important to the biomass as animals are. Certain trees and plants that are wild are going extinct in the name of development and landscaping. Is that the vegetarianism?

I remember reading the once Celebrated astrologer and author Linda Goodman she remarked, that from a non-vegetarian she turned vegetarian and then fruitarian and finally she learnt to live on air and sunlight. T

Imagine this scenario an alien visitor lands on earth. According to @timevoyager it should happen on 30th of October and they come from planet/universe where survival is through photosynthesis or any other herbivorous equivalent. To them we would definitely appear barbaric and cruel.

Vegetarian food is definitely is more easily digested by the human system. The habitat that you live in, the work you do, all these add to whether one should be vegetarian or if one can digest meat. Morally a vegetarian is not superior to a non-vegetarian in way maybe a little crueller. Think of it, an animal can run to protect itself but a plant can’t.

Its like war between PETA and the CHIPKOO folks.

Plants having life is still a question to you, I would recommend reading Biology of belief and the secret life of plants.

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