I’m Crabby

Inktober prompt of the day is Crabby

Well, if soap become soapy then crab is logically crab.

Just remembered this folklore about the crab and the heron.

It was long summer and the lake which was filled with crabs, fishes and other water life were parched. On the banks of the lake lived a Heron. One day the Heron told the leader of the crabs, that he knew of lake with water and he could transport the crabs one by one.

The king thought that was very good idea and thanked the Heron for its kindness.

The king said he would ensure that his subject’s safety and he would be the last to go. Finally, it was the turn of the King Crab. The King crab got on the heron’s neck and flew with him, and far away he could see this lake with water… but as they got nearer, he also saw shells of dead crabs. It dawned on the king that the heron was carrying crab one by one and eating them.

The crab used his claws and strangled the crane the crane fell down, the king was safe. Though he was very sad, that he could not save his fellow crabs.

Crab is quite reclusive. A symbol of self-protection. Boundaries and teaching others how to treat you. A crab has the innate wisdom to protect itself, and the lesson that the crab brings is to protect what is precious to you.

Crab is one of the most elusive and mysterious spiders of the sea.  It rides and waves and comes ashore fully armoured.  It has a clear vision of where it is going and the clarity of intent on what it is doing.

The knowledge that he is protected gives the crab tremendous confidence.

Crab medicine is about self-protection, security, boundaries, vulnerability, timing and protecting your emotional body.  It is symbol that exemplifies the need to honour yourself and find the balance of protection and vulnerability suited to your personal needs and emotions.

When crab skitters into your space it is time to change course and head in a new direction.  As a totem animal it belongs to people who can go with the flow. Call in the crab as your power animal when you need help in releasing pent up emotions.

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