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  • I’m Crabby

    I’m Crabby

    when a crab skitters across it is time to change course and head in a new direction.

  • A skink in my kitchen

    A skink in my kitchen

    It was a lazy afternoon, I played hooky from 91 springboards, and Dr.D had just left for the academic arena called the university. I thought it was a great time to sip my coffee, brewed just right my glasses perched strategically so that it would hamper my reading, yet I felt very intellectual gazing at…

  • Of Crows and Squirrels.

    Of Crows and Squirrels.

    Isolation is large part of recovering burns, and isolation is a lot like suicide, a person tends to create his own society, shut off from others in a dingy space, stare at the same wall, day in and day out, looking out of the window rejecting the world which one believes is rejecting you. When…