The Lost Treasure.

What is a treasure that has been lost:

I had to change the ringtone, my nephew has recorded,” wake up aunty, join the party” in the exact tone that would irritate me. I looked at the number…


Not again I thought, here was the late-night call I never remember to switch the phone off.

“Good evening, Doc, “

“It is goodnight maccha” I thought to myself. Wanting to switch off the phone. But before I could do so the voice said, “Einstein here”

‘Holy Christ! Einstein…

‘Yes, the same, your senior from college, I saw your googled for a healer and I found you’

Then the venom spewed… from the brilliant student to the looser. The class topper to a barbiturate junkie, listing all his physical ailments. The Healer in me no doubt awoke and mechanically noted insecure, not good enough syndrome. Where did this come from? What got lost? Of course, the healer went on to do her calling but then some where I began to think what is common in all my patients…

Their wholeness they are all looking for that one thing that could bring them the ultimate happiness. Or at the least let them handle this particular challenge. We are born whole and complete with a success plan so why are we unhappy?

There could be so many things pop answers would be

  • Living someone else’s dream.

Maybe but why are you not living your dream

  • Maybe because I did not know that there was one.

Don’t tell me that You knew not what YOUR dream was …what rubbish.

Then the answers come… the first fear … an authority maybe parent, society, school, conversation of lack, whatever but essentially, they were on a quest for the mythical Utopia but then like Shambala and Meru, Utopia is a state of being. And it is right within.

How do I find it was his question. I thought I didn’t hear right… I mean this guy was all set to be the achiever of his batch what happened? When did the demons pop up? True he had no parental back up. His own parents were kind of apologetic about him. What was missing?

“Less talented guys are making more money, having fabulous holidays, sending their kids abroad to study.  Look at me trying lead an average middle class life making ends meet. A wife who is so quiet that I forget she exists, a son who told me that he didn’t want to venture out, but wanted to have a secure life… all this points out to what a failure I am… How do I find the treasure trove”

We worked on that but he was winning a battle to loose the war. It sad, he was giving into fear and drama that came with it forgetting the freedom faith brings. The lost treasure was right before him, a wife who lost when he did not cherish her, the talent he prized so much stifled to death with nourishment or space to grow.

Worse still the most important treasure he lost was himself he didn’t have the faith to fly he could only crawl and snuggle within the cocoon.

“Where your pleasure is, there is your treasure: where your treasure, there your heart; where your heart, there your happiness” ~ Saint Augustine





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