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  • Acknowledging Awakening.

    Acknowledging Awakening.

    Gender and image stereotyping in Indian Greetings.

  • Akshaya Trithiya

    Akshaya Trithiya

    Akshaya trithiya is about some that does deplete,  or something that is unperishable. No please don’t tell me about Virus and covid19 that is the kind of poor joke that I normally make. I’m sharing three of previous posts before that, I would suggest, lets just a take a moment and reflect on our daily…

  • Anjeer Palada

    Anjeer Palada

    In the coastal houses one of the dishes made on any occasion is the paramanna, or what is more famous as Paalada. With the lockdown and not really being in a mood do things I decided to improvise. I had black rice that Dr.D had got from Manipur I did try making rice out of…

  • Naraka-Chaturdashi


    Today is   Narakachaturdashi, The organic nature of this festival doesn’t cease to amaze me. Growing we heard the story of Narakasura who  captured 1600 women, made them his slaves eventually Krishna the Yadava rescued them. The legend also as it that Narakasura could only be killed by his mother. As Deepavali approaches kids begin collecting trash like old clothes, and old news…

  • Mahabali cannot be Dwarfed.

    As we were driving down from Panaji, to Margao I saw this banner that said, 37%  Goan have votes AAP, 27%BJP, and some X% congress, the conclusion was AAP leads, what occurred to me, is it could also be interpreted as 63% Goans are clear that they do not want AAP. Ultimately every story is…

  • Chaitra Shukla Padya.

    Chaitra Shukla Padya.

    The first day of the brand new calendar year is  an empowered time to psychologically unwind to mentally find ones own life charged emotionally with refined energy and enthusiasm to create a beautiful growth paradigm within the physically defined laws of nature and rules of the game called LIFE. Today is the onset of new…