Akshaya Trithiya

Akshaya trithiya is about some that does deplete,  or something that is unperishable. No please don’t tell me about Virus and covid19 that is the kind of poor joke that I normally make.

I’m sharing three of previous posts before that,

I would suggest, lets just a take a moment and reflect on our daily conversations. Particularly those spaces in our lives:

  • For a few dollars more I would rule the earth.
  • If only my mother loved me, as much as she loved my brother.
  • If only I could get that promotion.
  • If only I had sent my application earlier,

If you carefully notice it is all about lack, we are looking at abundance of lack. So we continue to attract abundance of lack. The entire exercise of Akshaya Trithiya is shift the focus on abundance, growth, and gratitude.

Next time you want to wish someone, “Happy Akshaya Trithiya,” I would recommend, “Thank them for what ever abundance they evoke in you, and Wish them abundance. After all abundance can be of eight types.” Hence the ashtalakshmi. Just in case you have forgotten, there is Alakshmi or Jeshtalakshmi the older sister of Lakshmi who is asked to stay out of the house, but she is worshiped too, if we stop thinking just about the story and “feminism,” then she talks to us, about recycling, and rejuvenation.




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