Janmasthami sweets win over hallowen or easter candies.

celebrating the birth of the Lord

Easter candies vs.Halloween candies which one would I choose asks plinky.


I am not much of a candy or any sweet person. Though I do love the sweets we have in India during the festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna. My hometown is the temple town dedicated to this deity. so the festival has enormous importance.

Every house makes 5 varieties of sweets that we call Laddoos. and a kind of crispy called chakkuli.

These are swiped with the ones made by relatives and friends.

I remember my brother I telling my mom not to distribute the cashew Laddu‘s she made.

Of course we would look forward for the semolina ones made by my great-aunt.

fortnight before Janmashtami as the festival is called the town comes alive with make shift vendors bringing in rice grain flour(this flour is made with the husk intact) roasted rice powder a special kind of jaggery (sweetener brewed from sugarcane).These make it to the market only during this festival.

on the day of the festival the town comes alive with people dressing up in various costumes.

Dancers dressing up as tigers and performing the tiger dance, or contemporary dance.These people go from house to house where we give them some money and of course the sweets.

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