indian architecture

the temple at sringeri

Sringeri temple

Nestling in the deep woods of the western ghats, is a the quiet temple town of sringeri. It is not as glamorous as its counterparts at Kollur. But the terrain which is believed to be the terrain of Rishi Rshyashringa who was the facilitator of Janaka‘s puthrakameshtu yajna has divinity in the air.

Rishi Rhshyasringa was also the husband of Shanta the daughter of Dasharatha and his wife Kausalya.

Sringeri is known for its curing herbs, and inspiring knowledge and writing for it was here that Shankaracharya the mystic philosopher built the temple dedicating it to Bharati, the wife of Pundit Mishra. Bharati was a scholar in her own right and she opened various intellectual vista’s to Shankaracharya despite her husband loosing the debate to Shankaracharya.

Bharati in terms of personification means the written word.

The temple built in the tradition indian architectural mode with the garba guddi or the sanctum sanatoria designed to emit the mystic aura which is awe-inspiring and reassuring at the same time.

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