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indo pakIndo Pak relations,


We are symbiotic that is what I feel, everytime the political leaders feel their powers threatened it could be Quadri in Pakistan or Modi in Hindustan, men the state powers claim a border leak or break. People in Pakistan will talk about Indians causing instability, and in India we point our fingers at them.

The Brits knew freaking well what they were doing, sibling rivalry keeps India Pakistan so busy that one day we wake to hear that Bangladesh and Srilanka have become superpowers while we were squabbling.  Remember the story of the cat who divided the butter, that’s what is happening.

Very few people of the vanishing Raj are present today; I am from a generation that would hear about the struggle for independence from my parents and grandparents. Albeit my mother was a bit too young.

If America and England are two countries separated by the same language, India and Pakistan are the same country separated by politics.

The seed of this divide was sown in 1932 by a now forgotten revolutionary.

It was rekindled by British with two inspiring factors,

  • They wanted a buffer between India and Russia, else Afghanistan to the subcontinent it would all be influenced by the Eurasian cousins in Russia.
  • Nehru was to be the state head. This was part of the deal.

The creation of the Indian constitution based on the act of 1935 govt. Of India act, actually the president replaced the king, prime minister stayed same, and counties replaced by state worked as a starting point, while Pakistan remained lost.

The logic of the division cited was a Muslim Pakistan and a non-Muslim India; the princely states were to choose their allegiance. The tragedy was the Muslims who were comfortable in their skins and with their evening pegs, got Pakistan while the people who wanted an Islamic nation, i.e. the cowbelt Muslims got left behind!!

The cartography of the divide was overseen by a barrister named Sir Cyril Radcliff, who suffered from a Delhi-Belly, and presto, the united family of post independent India was cut up by the unsteady hands of challenged intestine… lets give him benefit of doubt it could be challenged stomach.  No geographic study or survey was done.

No plebiscite was conducted. The princely states were given Hobson’s choice.

Jinnah was chosen as the beacon of Pakistan simply because the then Aga Khan supported him.

  • The interesting fact was no state opted for Pakistan.
  • There were states with Muslim population and Hindu rulers and visa-versa.
  • Junagadh royalty opted for Pakistan post aug.14th
  • Hyderabad, wanted to go to Pakistan but geographic restrains were clamped.

I am sharing an article by a Pakistan radical thinker that I really like reading.

Capital suggestion
By Dr Farrukh Saleem

Here’s what is happening in India :
The two Ambani brothers can buy 100 percent of every company listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) and would still be left with $30 billion to spare. The four richest Indians can buy up all goods and services produced over a year by 169 million Pakistanis and still be left with $60 billion to spare. The four richest Indians are now richer than the forty richest Chinese.
In November, Bombay Stock Exchange’s benchmark Sensex flirted with 20,000 points. As a consequence, Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries became a $100 billion company (the entire KSE is capitalized at $65 billion). Mukesh owns 48 percent of Reliance.
In November, comes Neeta’s birthday. Neeta turned forty-four three weeks ago. Look what she got from her husband as her birthday present: A sixty-million dollar jet with a custom fitted master bedroom, bathroom with mood lighting, a sky bar, entertainment cabins, satellite television, wireless communication and a separate cabin with game consoles. Neeta is Mukesh Ambani’s wife, and Mukesh is not India ‘s richest but the second richest.

Mukesh is now building his new home, Residence Antillia (after a mythical, phantom island somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean ). At a cost of $1 billion this would be the most expensive home on the face of the planet. At 173 meters tall Mukesh’s new family residence, for a family of six, will be the equivalent of a 60-storeyed building. The first six floors are reserved for parking. The seventh floor is for car servicing and maintenance. The eighth floor houses a mini-theatre. Then there’s a health club, a gym and a swimming pool. Two floors are reserved for Ambani family’s guests. Four floors above the guest floors are family floors all with a superb view of the Arabian Sea . On top of everything are three helipads. A staff of 600 is expected to care for the family and their family home.
In 2004, India became the 3rd most attractive foreign direct investment destination… Pakistan wasn’t even in the top 25 countries.
In 2004, the United Nations, the representative body of 192 sovereign member states, had requested the Election Commission of India to assist the UN in the holding elections in Al Jumhuriyah al Iraqiyah and Dowlat-e Eslami-ye Afghanestan.. Why the Election Commission of India and not the Election Commission of Pakistan? After all, Islamabad is closer to Kabul than is Delhi .
Imagine, 12 percent of all American scientists are of Indian origin; 38 percent of doctors in America are Indian; 36 percent of NASA scientists are Indians; 34 percent of Microsoft employees are Indians; and 28 percent of IBM employees are Indians.
For the record: Sabeer Bhatia created and founded Hotmail… Sun Microsystems was founded by Vinod Khosla. The Intel Pentium processor, that runs 90 percent of all computers, was fathered by Vinod Dham. Rajiv Gupta co-invented Hewlett Packard’s E-speak project. Four out often Silicon Valley start-ups are run by Indians. Bollywood produces 800 movies per year and six Indian ladies have won Miss Universe/Miss World titles over the past 10 years.
For the record: Azim Premji, the richest Muslim entrepreneur on the face of the planet, was born in Bombay and now lives in Bangalore.India now has more than three dozen billionaires; Pakistan has none (not a single dollar billionaire) .
The other amazing aspect is the rapid pace at which India is creating wealth. In 2002, Dhirubhai Ambani, Mukesh and Anil Ambani’s father, left his two sons a fortune worth $2.8 billion. In 2007, their combined wealth stood at $94 billion. On 29 October 2007, as a result of the stock market rally and the appreciation of the Indian rupee, Mukesh became the richest person in the world, with net worth climbing to US$63.2 billion (Bill Gates, the richest American, stands at around $56 billion). Indians and Pakistanis have the same Y-chromosome haplogroup. We have the same genetic sequence and the same genetic marker (namely: M124).
We have the same DNA molecule, the same DNA sequence. Our culture, our traditions and our cuisine are all the same. We watch the same movies and sing the same songs.
What is it that Indians have and we don’t?
And also to mention: They think of Construction of own nation, unlike other nations who are just concerned with destruction of others…

Simple answer why the Indian fare better than the Pakistani’.. They don’t focus on religion and neither do they spend time and money in devising ways to kill their own and everyone else over religion..

At the end of the day, not only are the Russians kept at bay, America finds a ready arms market, as long as the two nations are busy squabbling with each other the fear of collaboration with China is ruled out, that simple means the west is not threatened.

If our current trends keep up, then we these will past achievements, that are today’s egos and tomorrows breakdowns.

Recommended reading list by Mr.Raza for those interested in knowing more.citizen journalist

  • Rise and fall of great powers
  • Pangs of Proximity.
  • UN Kashmir resolution
  • Shimla resolution
  • Cartograph By B.G.varghese.
  • Saichen-Lt.General Raghavan
  • Sir creek border—Vice admiral Kushva.
  • Confronting terrorism.

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