smell of day break

ImageOne lazy afternoon, the door bell rang,

It was Guru. I know Guru from the day he was working for some fly by night courier services riding an ancient two-wheeler. Today zips on Bajaj Pulsar, wearing the crisp blue uniform of Blue dart couriers doing some further studies in Logistics and something which is a non negotiable area for me in.

“Dothor, yeah divsaan tukka chudse parcel yetta nahi,” he observed, he was right he visited me quite often with parcels that were not books.

So here was my gift from Ambipur, samples, a 2 inch 2 inch crystal, with clear blue liquid. It was so cute I wanted to use it in our car immediately. Unfortunately we had just changed the car fragrance a week ago.

Despite that my husband decided to oblige me, but it would not stay on the vent.

I then  decided to give it Aunt Kasturi in Manipal, but challenges of the family kind made it impossible for me to go out to meet her.

Each morning I would gaze at this lovely blue crystal and send out message to seek the right person who could use it.

That’s when my Hypnosis trainer Leona bought herself a car, if not me my favourite person, I promptly gifted it to her.

Next morning off to our clinic, I experienced a very mild comforting odour in the car. It smelt like a new day. With no heavy scents at all.  Natural smells in perfect blend to create that dash of hope and anticipation of a new day. Maybe smelt individually we are conditioned not to call it a good smell, you know like the  smell of  vented dreams, masked by the sharp smell of grass, the musky, sweet smells of  blooming flowers all distilled in the cask  called environment warmed with just the required warmth of the rising sun.

I highly recommend no I demand that Ambipur creates its fragrance casks to be Tata Indica compatible.





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