The Foodie… The Roadie and the Cake maker

Welcome to Baker’s studio

Nov.1st a girls day out, two and a half vegetarians, Being vegetarian travellers in Goa eating out is quite monotonous so Lucie’s invite for French food was definitely inviting. We went up to Baga on Lucie Mason’s invite. if you are expecting an restaraunt review I recommend either


I am sharing a wonderful afternoon with  Anuradha, Archana, Lucie, Varoon and Chef Gerald.

Anuradha the traveller, Archana the food blogger and I … (a bit of both) went to visit Lucie Masson at her beautiful studio the Baker’s studio.  She does have a wonderful spread, of Breakfast and Lunch.

Lucie and Varun

Lucie has her cake studio almost beach front. The tiny Tito’s lane at Baga… With curio shops on both side and wafting aroma’s various cuisines.

hot chocolate
hot chocolate

Since lane begins with a typical garish, Gujrathi vegetarian thali restaurant I was pretty curious about the customers who came in.

“Local Goans, none,” said Lucie.

cakes on a platter
cakes on a platter

Her observation was domestic tourists who were well travelled would choose more continental food, discuss her source, her recipe, appreciate or be very specific with what they wanted. While those who are not so well travelled tend to eat food that they were more familiar with, like the American burgers, French fries. She was rather hurt that lot of domestic tourists would ask for more milk in her chocolate drink… which by the way is really exotic. I was rather reluctant to eat for the fear of the linger taste fading away.

DSCN8297Another interesting observation Lucie had, was domestic travellers would pick; pizza’s or dishes with visible peas or chickpeas.

Chef  Geraldo Caiado in action.
Chef Geraldo Caiado in action.

The food is predominantly French and Lucie sources the authentic material from all over India and sometimes even abroad. Then of course the there the famous French pastries.

bread display stand.
bread display stand.

We had freshly baked Garlic bread with garlic topping. The theme of the day was Egyptian, so we tried the Humus, the Greek salad… (This did let me down though) variety of cheese

The Greek salad
The Greek salad

About two years back Lucie and her partner Varun Sood started their studio at Ashwem in Morjim, since it caught on, they have now developed it into a chain, with one in Panjim that had to shut down because of lease issues, then the one in Baga Tito’s lane.

The memorabilia rack
The memorabilia rack

A meal for two would cost about Rs.800/- with the chocolate drink… (Don’t compromise on this) then of course the main course, and dessert.

DSCN8291With softer music the place would have been really an elegant experience. And with so much of visually enticing food, it might be a good idea to have a planned meal, which would mean adding the one glaringly missing component of a French meal, the soup oh! yes an authentic Veg.Au Gratin.

Some day Lucie when you start with soups, and Fondue’s do call me over.

For the road—if we can have Chinese Thali why not French?

To order your cakes online check out and any other information your could mail, ir 0832-6520521

chef Gerald is reachable at #chefgeraldocaiado

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