The gift inside — Life Packaging

chikkammanora gardi (4)Grandmother always told me that life is too small to learn from committing all the mistakes, so we learn from others mistakes and it would leave us free to commit our own.  Something very similar was told by husband’s Guruji, of the audhoot ashram kurukshetra—we do need to connect with people to harness life experiences.

We are all spiritual beings living in a human body though our packing seems different we are very the same, this spiritual leader was busy explaining this to us; I had read something like this in the book conversation with god.

What I did find difficult to accept that each person’s life is so completely different from the other, there really seems to be nothing in common. But this healer kept saying that we went deeper into observing we would see that all have the same things going on in our lives, as different lives are in essence the same gift wrapped in infinite variety of containers, wrapping papers, ribbons and bows. Now that seemed an interesting picture.

Each of us experience loss, grief, happiness, excitement, anger and fear. We could have money issues of one kind or the other, and struggle with difficult choices.  According to this healer life shows up differently for each one, because each learns in different ways. For example learning the value of money, one might need to have too little while another may learn by having more than enough.  What we learn about work, love, are through experiences these experiences are tailored to our particular perspective.

Though on the face it of it, it appears like someone is having things easily while others are struggling, the truth is everyone is learning, and it is difficult to tell the internal conflicts on the exterior.

This makes cultivation relationships with people from different walks of life important. We learn from people, who seem so different from us, we get to see and maybe understand how life’s challenges and joys are universal. The packages like complexion, style, preferences and socio-economic differences have to set aside. Of course it is important to honour and value the differences in packing, but it is just as important to honour the gift of life inside each one of us and the fact that no matter how different the package, the gift inside is the same.

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