In the supporting role…

DSCN8069 In the Supporting role—

Doing our Best work in a supporting role.

right now I am experiencing the poor me, syndrome, the victim and I am superfluous, kind of feeling. I am letting myself wallow in it for may be another 6 hrs before I work it out of my system.

When I look around, sometimes I think life is like the rave music, some one are like conductors, some are soloists, yet their performance would be diminished unless, the orchestra accompanies them. the magical precision of percussion blending with string instruments, and vocalist creates the most beautiful music.  It might happen that we  may not all receive the same attention as another, but each one of our contribution has its own values.

Maybe each task we do with infusing it with our energy becomes a gift.  Each of our personalities and talents are suited to different roles of support.  Leaders and star performers support to others in their own way.  I realized when I have nurtured people the support me with their gift, the only thing I can do is do my part with humility and gratitude, learning the lessons that move us steadily toward our goals.

Maybe our gift becomes apt and beautiful, when we can be fully present in every job that we do, by bringing in fullness of our bodies, minds and spirits to the moment, we enhance the infusion to our gift of our talent and abilities, more so since it becomes a willing contribution. This probably attracts the right people and circumstances into our experience.

Maybe when we do things begrudgingly it limits the flow of our energy and closes us off from the good that is available to us in every situation. But by giving the best in us to make the world around us better, we open ourselves to receive the best from the universe in return.

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