Akshaya and Akshata

dhanyalakshmiAkshata Abundance of nourishment was the focus of the Vedic society this was symbolized by grains of rice. Called the akshata. When sanctified through use in a ritual it became “mantra-akshate” that which was empowered to unlock that particular blessing for you. Literally Akshaya means something which does debilitate. So Akshaya Trithya commemorates that potential of nature. The belief is that the power to ensure abundance is the innate on this date every year, so people tend to begin new ventures, buy gold vehicle or anything that is either the impact of economic growth or promises economic growth is begins this day. Akshaya Trithya is believed to have witnessed great events like The beginning of the tretayuga The descend of Ganga The birth of Parashurama The day Krishna’s grace turned sudama from a pauper to wealthy man. The day Draupadi received the Akshaya patra. The day Pandava’s retrieved their weapons after the ajnatavasa. The day Vyasa began writing the Mahabharata. Of the four purushartha’s artha is one. This is about finding harmony in the Nourishing another either through food or any other form is giving back to nature. That creates abundance. Hence giving alms. interestingly there is association of definite results brought about by definite alms. Like— Offering arasina-kumkuma to another brings rajayoga. Donating new clothes brings health.

Lakshmi -- Alakshmi
Lakshmi — Alakshmi

Donating navdhanya protects us from the negative impact of the navagraha freeing us from the fear, insecurity, accidents, sudden death etc. Donating a cow would ensure marriage. Ritually on Akshaya Trithya people are known to fill a pot (urn/jar) with water place a coin (formerly gold) in it and give it away. If Akshaya Trithya falls on Rohini Nakshatra as per the Hindu almanac, and on Wednesday it is believed to be very auspicious. Usually Lakshmi the goddess of wealth is worshipped with her brother Kubera the treasurer of the Gods. The worship of Lakshmi Yugadi, Akshaya Trithya, vijayadashami, balipadya—akanda muhurta

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