Parental fears—breaking family ties that bind.

xammi-promiseWhen I went to get a past life regression done, no matter what I did I could not go into a past life, all that I could see was darkness, and experience tremendous fear.  Third time round when that happened,  I was training under Dr.Yuvraj Kapadia of EKAA,(} and guess what, the familiar black, the familiar fear and this time I went a step ahead, I went into foetal position.

Very carefully Dr.Kapadia guided me through the cord cutting technique we, use to release whatever belief that was generating the fear, after which Dr.Kapadia asked me if I was an unwanted baby, I knew I was not, my parents had gone for the blessings of the Subramanya temple, before I was conceived. My mother had desperately wanted a daughter which I biologically am..But…. yes she was terrified that she would lose the child, because some astrologer had told her something and more over she had lost a baby just before me!!

It was her fear that I was experiencing and the remnant foetal energy of the previous pregnancy that I was seeing.

Through our training this is what came across, many a times we come to this world carrying the fear from our parents, it is kind of passed down to us and lived through us. Almost as if the fear has a life of its own.

When we work with belief systems we notice that fear we harbour many times is not even based on our own experience. As we trace it back it is something that we have “inherited” from either parents or the environment.  Like a fear of lack of money, if this is not resolved by the time we came into the picture, presto… chances are high that we inherit the belief and fear of scarcity.  This fear could block our growth it also drives our money and success belief while in reality we have not really experienced this scarcity.

The parents do this deliberately, it could happen inadvertently or it could happen deliberately if parents are not really competent to share values, they would be doing so with all good intentions, which you may not make the same judgemental errors that they did.

What Dr.Kapadia taught us to do, was immaterial of the parents physical presence, he taught us to cut cords with the belief system. Sometimes have a talk with the parent about wanting to remove this fear, and amazingly parents are so co-operative when we want to let go of an obsolete belief, they are proud of our courage to move on. In the past one month with this technique I have seen two of my clients resolve longstanding issues.

Just a visual conversation, from adult child to adult parent and things begin to shift.  In my own space, I realized that more inner work I did with my dormant and latent fear, the more I could forgive, and move on. I hope I can translate this learning to my children though they are already young adults they are definitely stronger than I am.

Interestingly as I cut cords with the belief and fear I inherited I find my children being less limited by it.

The lesson was so simple, acknowledge, address and move on.

7 Replies to “Parental fears—breaking family ties that bind.”

    1. No, Mr.Bhatia cutting cords is not difficult, the only cord that you cannot cut is with your mother, all others can be either cut or re-attached. Yes I have read Dr.Weiss books, and that gave me the clue that I had to look at PLE for answers. Believe I did find. them.

      1. Any clue past life regression sessions cost how much and how many are normally required? My spouse might need them, and the nearest metro for us happens to be Chennai.

      2. 🙂 Ashok I would suggest take a holiday come down to Goa/Udupi I will do it for you. If you can give me a day or two I’ll get back to you about Chennai. As for the number of sittings usually one sitting is good enough and the costing depends on the practitioner. I charge about 500/-for an hour.

      3. Noted, thank you. That is a generous offer. In the Udupi/Dharamsthala region, which time is good for a visit, when the monsoon has said good bye?

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