Pride March…?

Will I accept if one day my child announces that he or she is gay…? I probably belong to Methuselah’s generation but I am a little confused about what the stink is about, after all relationships are personal and that’s way they should stay. First and foremost where do I come into the picture? The child is in a relationship, not me. Essentially in a relationship there has to be nurturer and provider energy.  And usually the progesterone goes with provider while estrogens tend to bring in the nurturer. There may be conditions when anatomy and physiology say different things. Or anatomy and physiology declare something, while psychology may be the variant.

If my child asks my opinion then I will say NO simply because asking for my input means there is a doubt and doubt is the best way to screw a relationship up. At the end of the day, marriage is a relation between two individuals, and only between two individuals, all the legalities made sense when there was economic dependence, and defined roles, the legalities are for the inheritance of progeny. Be it heterosexual or homosexual, the strengths and threats to a relationship are this same.

What I find amusing people even the so called … evolved intelligentsia, or the rebelling populace have an issue using the word homosexual, they will still go with lesbian and gay and of course the media is very gallant about it the tag goes Lesbian and gay rights. That is ladies first. Why are we getting all excited about the American sexual laws changing I don’t see how it matters. Even the Pride march well that’s attention seeking too. Yes I am being very judgemental here.

If one were to go through the news paper and the kind of comments it is as if, being homosexual is normal while being heterosexual is deviant, Instead of closet homosexuals we will be dealing closet heterosexuals soon.

.Well I am sorry kids to let you homosexuality has been around for ages.  Ramayana talks of asura women in relation with each other, producing progeny that had no bones.  We talk of Krishna becoming a woman for a night so that Airavana could experience sex. If you do want go on a PRIDE March… is that what it is called,? do so not because you have a homosexual partner but do so because you have a partner someone who enhances your life Kaya-Vacha-Mansa. Karmic ally when we talk of incarnations, the souls of Atlantis tend to lean towards homosexuality, because they were androgynous.

One Reply to “Pride March…?”

  1. This Pride March or glorification of same sex relationship is carefully created by some unscrupulous people for a different reason. Your observation is correct here. There is unnecessary glorification of same sex relationship as of heterosexual relationship is not normal. There is a very dirty conspiracy behind it.

    This article will clarify the conspiracy I am talking about


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