Flashes from Word up-Gurgaon

indiblogger (1)It is a month after the Indiblogger meets at Gurgaon.

Word-up the executive is yet to get in touch with me, since I had placed a few concerns, now that is not what this blog is about. There were quite a few sessions, lot of interesting things; I shall share that when I am a little rushed at my clinic. Some things kind of stayed with me, like some blogging ethics.

The usual query is about monetizing. Well at the cost of being crass, when you write something to get monetized I mean even our happy hour writing to a certain extent is content writing and then marketing our writing. We are actually selling our skills to anyone who is willing to buy.

Somewhere I notice lot of people think bloggers are cheap advertising substitutes well that is for us to value ourselves.

As a blogger I think having conviction and voicing it would be more appropriate. For me and many bloggers out there it is about provoking latent potential energy into active or dynamic energy.

For those who are into monetizing then the best thing to do is decide what your worth is and put it up front. I write 100 words for you, I post it on my twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, whatever it is going to cost you Rs.X or Rs.X for a word have it written down and from my experience with Promedica the medical publishers I recommend take the payment upfront, or at least a post-dated cheque. BTW I did not have issues with InfocusRx or Indegene for whom I have done technical writing, nor did I have issues with Indiblogger except that my Hobbit dairy got hijacked.

If we do use pictures then a great idea would be to watermark our photographs and if we are using pictures from the net then we acknowledge the owner. There are sites the links were given unfortunately I was too immersed in the talk to note it down.

It was amazing to hear people saying they had spread sheets of their blogging schedule. Since my new year begins with Gurupurnima I did resolve to create one, but I realized I am technically challenged so I am trying to juggle my appointment book, with my kids, kitchen, klinic…I mean Clinic, all roped in.

indiblogger (2)Of course monetizing through affiliate marketing, sponsors, advertising oh! Yes Adsense were all discussed.

Will share more when I have flashbacks.

One link that I do remember is  indianeye.org.

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