Women Journalists of Kashmir.

hijabiWomen Journalists of Kashmir.

Sameer Yasir is a favourite writer of mine, and I like the way he thinks, this time round he shared the emerging women journalists of Kashmir. Here were some things that struck a chord.

Emerging young women of Kashmir, something has changed in the valley, women are opting to be journalist in a turbulent valley. They are talking about, moving beyond talking causalities to look back on devastation, that seem to be call of the Kashmiri women journalists. Though conventionally women are allotted women centric roles, it is an interesting observation that the women have to keep fighting since a dead person is son, brother , husband to someone, and their war is on.

The challenges are unannounced curfews, encounters and killings, Shahana Butt, a reporter since the age of 21 says that Kashmiri women were never bound to gender specific roles.

We take separate washrooms for granted. Yet Greater Kashmir didn’t take women staff because they did not have that facility.

I am ashamed that I do not know but I have to ask, who are half widows?


The author can be reached on Twitter @Adnan__Bhat


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