Chai and Khana

It was one of those days..

I was sheathing at having to drink terrible coffee at an unnamed station – instead of the comforting Deja Brew of Coffea Robusta at Ram Bhavan (our sanskari Drone’s club). It was time to declare war.

This required great planning, and everyone in the world and her husband knows that it takes the second shot of Robusta to bring out the ideas. Well there was no way out, so I had to unplug my laptop, plug in the travel coffee maker and brew the Bru just the way I like it.

Call it synchronicity, with the coffee in Indiblogger sent an invite for the #WeBlogAcademy… out of shear curiosity I took my grade test, and guess what I cleared the intermediate and was eligible for the advanced. Still one does not take chances in a war, so it was intermediate for me.

I divorced the indirail and flew indigo to N.Delhi.  When Karthik called, ”Parwati, would you like to join the morning session for a Lark?”

So here I was attending Rama Arya’s session I’m glad in the morning and it was lunch break.

We decided to pop in to the nearest restaurant and eat the earliest thing they could deliver.

But little Taleha Khan, the girl with hair to put Rapunzel to shame decided that she would be letting Delhi down if let us outsiders eat at the south Indian dosa joint. So off she took us to the Nehru Place Metro to Chaayos. All through she spoke to us about it and we were kind of skeptic. We ordered Shahi chai and open parata.

Shahi chai can wait for my royal mood; it was the Open Parata that made me sit up for the sheer audacity of it…. I mean it was like my cooking on my bad mood days, you those days when your fridge competes with Mother Hubbard’s cupboard, and there is some pickle sticking to the bottle but not enough so the thing we do, roll out a parata, top it with cheese sauce, any leftover veggies, more cheese and rinsed pickled… it precisely what it was.

I really felt sorry at Taleha’s expression, but her other recommendation; it was truly awesome… more about that in my next blog.

Coming back to the session it was awesome too, since my return I have been revamping blog, I realize I have actually been revamping a lot of my personal space long side, appropriate categorizing gave me an insight to my own writing. I discovered I did write a lot stuff bordering feminism, I wrote quite bit on travelling things I never thought I did.

I learnt how to read my statistics and understand them. More importantly I have found the courage to be just me, pimples, wrinkles, creases and all.

Having vented about the parata… and promised you the real goodies, I think I shall brew my C.Robusta , sprinkle a twinkle of Theobroma, with the rains threatening pour, it is time for the daily prayer…as  initiated by Guru Stewart Lee Allen, ”oh! Magic cup, carry me above the traffic jam, keep me civil in the subway and forgive the pest next door as you forgive me.”

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