Little Information Horrendous Broadcast

I am looking at this movie called the Jaguar, a Telgu movie dubbed by goldmines production. The way Ramya pats herself on the back for son’s serial killing. The law enforcement agencies do not hold him accountable for the serial killing, instead the public is rooting for him, and after all he avenged his father’s death.  Movie after movie we are shown this crap we are told it is okay to kill people.

There are two other movies both dubbed from Telgu one is Yevadu 2 where the hero blackmails the heroine into kissing him, another I do not remember the title, but the hero Nithin blackmails the heroine what is the message that we are sending here, it is okay to blackmail still worse we are saying that women enjoy it, that is how wooing is done. After streaming these imbecile retrograde movies day after day we wonder why is the society turning violent.

There was the movie laadla where a MBA Sridevi, realizes that joy is packing her husband’s lunch box, can’t we get more realistic? I do agree we are still eons away from accepting a movie like Ka and Ki, though something similar was dealt with in kannada movie almost 30 years ago called galate samsara, where the career oriented wife has her career and the husband is stay at home, the movie was about the father-in-law having to accept this which he did in the end.

Coming to the daily soaps, serial after serial showing women fitting into patriarchy and women’s empowerment seems to about going overboard, killing and shooting, is it possible for the sensors to run a check? There was a time when doordarshan ruled the roost; the serials were about social construction. Popular writers work was serialized all these seem not happening anymore. Even doordarshan has started dancing to the rhythm of the private channels.

I remember there was a show on terrace gardening which was amazing, and Dawaat which traced the history of many traditional dishes.

Most recent of them all the web series called “sacred games” honestly I am trying to figure how “katle” translates “fuckoff you mother fucker.”

Shrunu hey Pradhana Sevak– this letter is addressed to you and not the information broadcast minister, or the censor board simply because your presence so towering that I really do not who the I&B minister is. I don’t even know if the sensor board is still functional.  If we have to come out of this violence and focus on our progress then we need to get our social fibre. Let’s begin with the media since that is overwhelming and over powering. BTW I could not find the twitter handle of the information broadcast ministry. So much for digital India.

I am still trying to figure out why the so called incisive journalists with high intellect and sense of justice like Zakka and Arnab (like Brutus was a nobleman) kept the focus on the wink and hug instead of bombarding the people who sided the no confidence to focus and declare with clarity what they did not agree with and why.

A perplexed citizen

Pradhana sevak, iti vyakulita

Sathyabhama Nadiga.




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