Can You hear me Mr.Gandhi?


RajyaLeela-Bramhabruvahna Gandhi.

Cc          .Pradhana Sevak

I am the citizen who you want to so desperately want to represent in the Parliament.

Before ridiculing Mr.Modi’s statement that he the pradhana sevak understand what he is saying. You are not a leader, you are a representative. You there because the- rest of us put you there to do our dirty job.

Let me be very frank, I have never voted congress to the day, even in a panchayat election.  Even if Mr.Piyush Goel was to jump parties and join you I would not vote congress. My upbringing does not allow me to. I have been raised by a grandparent who used unparliamentarily epithets for Gandhi and Nehru even during the days when people meant Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi when they said, Gandhi. That is besides the point.

So why am I writing to you. Essentially there are two factors that has inspired me to write this letter.

  • Every functional democracy needs an strong and healthy opposition to ensure that there is democracy and not mobocracy. You seemed to appoint yourself for the task.
  • You desperately need help.

Since you claim to be a jenuvudhari Ram Bhakt whatever it means to Raoul Vinci or Bianca Vinci-Vadra. I hope you remember the event before the great war between Ram and Ravan. Ram tells his brother Lakshman to learn statecraft from the greatest ever statesman – Ravana. So should you, learn delegation and statecraft from the opposition.

see the design of think and work force that goes, while Modi remains the face of the campaign and Amit Shah the brain.  There is the systematic presence, you have the very dedicated  thinkers with adequate educational background, like Mr.Jaitley (Amazing person.), Mr.Ramprasad, and the sauve Piyush Goyal, Mr.J.P.Nadda who diligently and silently does his job can you project such representatives? I remember I had tweeted about the challenges faced by women to get on to the second birth in a train. There was an immediate response, and about 6months later a follow up response. Which never happened during the congress reign.

There are regular newsletters from the ministries that I am interested in, that is health, science and technology, railways and my government. I know perfectly well that it is the beaurocracy that sends out this letter, but it makes me feel part of the system. So I am will to pardon Mr.Modi’s dramatic obsession with your family or Mr. Shah’s misogynist actions.

As a concerned citizen other than proving your janau (BTW how is it spelt) or non- existence of it, instead of letting all and sundry know that you suffer from foot-in-the-mouth disease, I would like to know the precise development plan you have. Currently I am upset with the horrendous destruction of nature in the name of development. Do you have an alternate?

How about this, let’s have a start up India-International. So give us your plans in various sector on a measurable time line. With people who will be responsible for its execution.

Do you realize that all these subsidies that you announce happen with the tax-payers money. So how can you ensure that my tax gets used for the benefit of my backyard and not for building toilets or Kumbha Mela in uttar-pradesh. Can you talk measurable economic growth?

Can you create a culture where your candidate comes up with a growth plan, with accountable financing options, in a time line such that we can hold him accountable when he comes round next time? Do you know what Mr.Pratapsingh Raoji Rane one of the most popular politicians in Goa. People can walk up to office on a particular day in the week and air their grievance. You do not hear him foul mouthing his opponent. He does what he can, if he cannot he lets you know he cannot and humbly apologizes. Do you have the stature to do something like that?

citizen journalist
image courtsey internet

Fire your current speech writer, and campaign manager hire Nandan Neelekini, the man knows how to loot people in the garb of a Messiah.

Before you label me Bhakt —

iti vyakulita

Sathyabhama Nadiga.


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