Matrimama #BlogToPM

Shrunu Matrimama hey Pradhana Sevak

Ballirenayyaa janapadake yaarendu…(would you know who is the leader of the republic)

“jansamanyanendu keliruve”… I am told it is the common man,

Iruvantha sthana —where does he dwell

Bhoolokada, swatantra ganarajya Bharatavendu keliruve — I hear that in the democratic republic of India,

“avaralli obba naanu” —i am one of them,

“bandantha karya” — you are here to…

“appa sutradhara kelo kande kanasa naa,,, ”  well storyteller I had a dream… this would be the ideal opening for a conversation with the prime minister.

BlogAdda, has opened a platform for people to share their opinions. With the hope that is will count. Some people do nurture hopes and deep desires for the future.

When the country elected you it was with belief that you could channelize things to a particular directions. With your Man Ki Baat, NaMo app and twitter handle you are trying to tell us that you are open to connect and you want the plebiscite to be implemented. The cynic in me tells that its a beautiful way, I listen to you but I do exactly what I want.

Coming back I whether this collective opinion will be delivered to you, whether you take cognizance of it I do not know. If I was Rajiv Gandhi.. I mean Rahul Gandhi I would definitely follow the trends to get the drift of whats happening. At least it would be a great way of knowing what is going on.

Random conversation, with media coloured biased information, or googlemata’s ephiphanies  has allowed us to create an opinion. We are entitled to it, and by the Power of the Ballot I cast…I can demand you listen to me. But most of us Indians are not only  uninformed we also apathetic and unconcerned.  BlogAdda would like us to voice our opinion.

I  am not sure I that I would call this opinion, I would like to think of it like the sea that sends a wave …which touches the sand, it returns to the sea… whether the sand rides on it or not is a different matter. What I am trying to say is concerns emerge, these are not accusations, you need not apologize or justify not that you do.

Before we have this conversation, or exchange of ideas let me introduce myself. I am Sathybhama, the essence of truth in Krishna Avatar, I  myself am Bhudevi the mother earth. I am there, unacknowledged, abused… I hope I touch a raw nerve somewhere, I hope I can inspire you elsewhere.

Lets look at aspirations, ideas, problems, some that are mine, some that are yours. Of course my disappointments and your disappointments maybe voiced too, as long as we do not hurt anyone.

We are at the moment trying to build a nation on a quicksand…we need to fortify the foundation. There is no point in pointing fingers towards the governments that have gone by…they have done enough damage and over the past four years it has gone from bad to worse.

We now talk about taking stock, repair and rejuvenate.

Lets hope we can create the strong nation we were meant to be.

Iti kathayishshaami Pradhana sevak

Sathyabhama Nadiga.

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