World Hijab Day – 2020

February 1st. The world Hijab day.   Every year I find something new to add to my previous ones. Like I have often mentioned before, too many people behave like the hijab has bizarre powers, maybe something is sewn into its microfibers, it kind of transforms the Muslim girls into Unidentified Covered Objects, and creating the great divide of them and us.

Yet I remember the great fuss made by Sharma Auntie, because the girl who played the role of Sita did not cover her head, apparently it is modest to cover the head, so why make a stink of the hijab.

In case you are wondering what exactly is world Hijab day is all about then do follow this link.  But for this year I am sharing the poem by young Uzma Jalaluddin.

I would just like all us understand, that is not only the woman without the Hijab who are free to think and care about other women.hijabi

“What do you see when you think of me,
A figure cloaked in mystery
With eyes downcast and hair covered,
An oppressed woman yet to be discovered?
Do you see backward nations and swirling sand,
Humpbacked camels and the domineering man?
Whirling veils and terrorists
Or maybe fanatic fundamentalists?
Do you see scorn and hatred locked
Within my eyes and soul,
Or perhaps a profound ignorance of all the world as a whole?
Yet . . .
You fail to see
The dignified persona
Of a woman wrapped in maturity.
The scarf on my head
Does not cover my brain.
I think, I speak, but still you refrain
From accepting my ideals, my type of dress,
You refuse to believe
That I am not oppressed.
So the question remains:
What do I see when I think of you?
I see another human being
Who doesn’t have a clue.”
― Uzma Jalaluddin , Ayesha at Last


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