Feline Fraternity Forever

I’ve become both Catty and Bitchy BTW if a tiger crossed with a lion becomes a liger what is a symbiotic combination for being catty and bitchy I wonder… it can’t be catchy or Batty. That’s another debate all together.

Coming to becoming catty and bitchy this month seemed to be dedicated to 35+year olds who come with an opening dialogue, ‘oh! We have been in a relationship for x-years we got married, and we are parents to two dogs/cats… why not monkeys I wonder. After all it would be more sanskari you know… something like getting Pitru-runamukt. Worse the dogs are clad with clothes that match oh! No it is twinning the ‘parents’. 

The cherry on the cake is today the 8th of August is international cat day!! Like it wasn’t enough that 22nd Jan is talk to your cat and I have documented my conversations in my posts. My first ever conversation with the feline fraternity in Psst.Answer me Quick Purrson, learning some feline facts in To Err is Human to Purr is Feline while Purrsonally speaking was our annual Jan 22nd catch up conversation.

In 2020 the custodianship of the international cat day was passed to international cat care. I hope cats include the larger ones too. This dedication was initiated by International Fund for animals and was meant to raise awareness about cats and learn about ways to help them. I’m not going to share 10 techniques to care for your cat, because the best thing to do is to let it free if you do want to imprison one then all the best take the advice of a vet. A client of mine tells there are therapists who specialize in feline psychology. Well let’s not get bitchy about it.

Putting aside my reluctant annual conversations with the feline fraternity on Jan 22nd as a healer I have often asked my clients to adopt cats particularly black ones. For some reason they seem to prevent unwanted energies from entering the space. Lot of shaman’s believe that like crows, the cats are in constant communication with spirit world. They are the bridge between the realm of the unseen and the seen.  So when a cat comes into your life someone or something is trying to tell you something. It is time to listen to your intuition and trust it.

Cats are about communication. Their message is about communicating with yourself and others.  They also remind you that you have the power to create anything you want out of your life right now. All you need to do is believe in yourself. This is the point to trust the skills and tools that you have, in simple English it’s the time to strike.

Ancient Egypt actually had a goddess, who was worshipped initially as a lioness; she is called Bastet or Bast. She is the daughter of the Sun God Ra… And around 1500 BCE when cats began getting domesticated, her ferociousness was tamed down, until she became irrelevant.

Each of us have a animal spirit that comes from our third level on consciousness, for those whose power animal is a cat, it would mean that they are extraordinarily psychic and creative. They are also very aggressively independent, and aloof.  Unpredictability and being highly choosy about friends are other characteristics. People of the cat totem tend have a leaning to being reclusive, and very rarely do they confirm to social structure peer pressure.

Another famous question is ‘doc, I see this black cat in my dreams.’  The first thing here is what did you feel, from there we metaphorically analyse the appearance of the cat. Seeing a kitten in your dream would be your subconscious asking you to relax and play, probably smile. While different breeds represent different symbolism. By and large cats are about feminine energy of intuition and grace. This is compounded with curiosity, stealth, independence, self confidence. But importantly there is tremendous intuitive knowledge.  These would be interpretations when there is no fear attached. However most of the times, because of the association of ill-omens people tend to suspect of being deceived, either by themselves or by others.

The cat that appeared in your space delivers a simple message

Dig deep within yourself to discover what that is…take note of what is happening around you right now. All the clues are there, you are being shown what you need to see.

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