center stage #7


Blogging is a lot like citizen journalism.  One way of looking at is why not. Somewhere along the way probably blogging has become part of journalism but honestly blogging is the extension of the right speech and expression.  It is also a space to speak of alternatives.  

Blogging groups like Indibloggers, BlogAdda and now to a certain extent blogchatter with its various hashtags have become a platform for active citizenship.  Our citizenship is the acknowledgement of us being part of the community we call a country. Once we choose to be part of the community, though there isn’t that prevents us from opting out, we should exercise our membership.

No doubt we have given up the day to management to the people we elect. We do of course now and again ask for accounts, or demand drains be cleaned up, whatever but we need to be active citizen and exercise both our rights and duties.

It is an everyday task. As active citizens we need to participate not pass the buck on. When something good happens we celebrate as a community, when something is amiss, we share that too. When there is a concept, we run it by others. This makes us active citizens. We need to active participants of our community particularly we are good story tellers.

Being silent is counterproductive, neither do we protest at something that is not right nor do we appreciate something or someone that ought to be appreciated. Blogging is a form of citizen journalism where we the citizens speak up. It is our narrative of the community that we live in.

Its not about revolutions, muck racking or mudslinging, it about the connect. It is about sharing our experiences, stories and maybe creating our own goalposts and glory. Blogging is about sharing good meaningful stories on our terms.

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