In search of the Hair-groom. Seen those matrimonial column, “wanted fair brides” well now imagine being born in a joint family as the fifth girl, no sons in view, four others fair, straight nosed and straight-haired. So you know what I grew up with. Fortunately for me I was born in a Tulu household were …

Summer Holidays

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Everybody needs his memories. They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door. Image

Summer memories that bring a smile on my face.  there are so many, the high light of it all was unfailingly the 11th of April year after year in those magical years as child, before my mother became the prototype of bay area mothers, my brother and I would keep a watch on the roads, to see the emerging Java or Bullet my grandpa’s younger brother Bhima-chikkappa would zip by on the bike.

The day would be unerringly perfect, the sun shining, breeze blowingm the birds and singing, there were no lawn mowers.

Packing never seemed an issue we just dropped few clothes into a shopping bag, ironning, dressing for the occasion were all unheard of. If we did have an event to attend we borrowed our cousin’s clothes. Down the slopes of perampalli, forests on either sides…

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chinese checkers.

board games require the tactic of soldiers,exactness of a mathematician, imagination of an artist, inspiration of a poet, calm of a philosopher and greatest intelligence Chinese Checkers A board game I will never get tired off. Chinese checkers !!Though for a while I was hooked on to the word-pathways on face book. Chinese checkers still …