world vegetarian day

October is the month of vegetarian awareness. This was established by the North American vegetarian society in 1977, and the international vegetarian union endorsed it in 1978. The idea is promote joy, compassion and life-enhancing possibilities of vegetarianism, and whole halo of things.

A vegetarian way of living is definitely beneficial.

No I am not one of the wise-ass intellectuals who is going to tell you that eating meat is bad for your health, we are a sovereign democratic republic country we all have the choice of the rate in which we can kill ourselves, and method, contaminated vegetables or unhealthy meat, the choice should be available, as long as somebody’s cold dead body is not blocking my drive way.

Somewhere the biologist in me acknowledges that a human body in no way resembles other meat eaters, we are devoid of the hawk’s bill, or sharp talon, no roughness of teeth, neither does the stomach have the strength to bear the heat of digestion and convert or alter heavy meats. People  contend that they have an inclination for carnivorous food, but unlike other carnivorous animals, they do not eat right away, the kill is brought to the heath, knives and mallets are used instead of bare hands and teeth, the prey has to die, then its flavour masked by boiling, roasting and addition of other spices, changing and quenching the slaughtered gore with sweet sauces that the palate is deceived…isn’t it a hint that it is against the innate nature of humans to eat animate thing?

I still insist that being vegetarian is a personal choice, what I shared above is just random thoughts that float in and out without really devouring my energy.

In the Indian context of course I think meat eating should be banned due to sheer paranoia of the hygiene and health factor. I have seen too many food poisoning cases due to unclean or unhealthy meat.

Scientific studies and government records suggest that virtually all chickens get infected with E.Coli, about 50 – 60% stored in retail stores are still infected, around 8% are infected by salmonella, and many other such microbes are found in various alarming percentages.  Chicks are chlorine bath to remove, slime, odour and bacteria. To ensure that the chicken have that “chicken ” look they are pumped with broths and salty solutions,  may be the same goes for other meats, now you know where the paranoia comes from.agrawala (4)

Meat or no meat.. Vegetables are a must. Jim Davis gives an excellent menu carrot cake, zucchini bread and pumpkin pie. If we want to go sanskaari, then we go with carrot halwa, lauki parathe, and kadhu ke kheer. But I am a respectable southie so my diet remains, rice –rasam-poriyal.

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  1. I am not a south Indian, but the typical south Indian thaali is my favourite. Vegetarianism is also favorite topic. Your article deserves multiple shares and I am doing it on social media.

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