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  • my indispensable travel companion

    without a wallet beg borrow or trek! never look in a girls purse After two months of being draped in bandages, and walking like the model of mummy returns my worst nightmare would have been having to go out like that. But the truth is I am paranoid about going without my wallet. It has…

  • clean your desk day

    Mr. Chase who published the annual events a book of special events, had a messy desk. His daughter who had no place to work would  spread a cloth work and then wind up. It was she and not a card designer or a florist who came up with the national clean your desk day on…

  • Blinkers called Lists.

    varuna has a thousand eyes, Indra a hundred, and I, only two.   To-do list book. Within infinite myths lies the eternal truth Who sees it all? Varuna has but a thousand eyes Indra a hundred And I, only two. This is a Hindu rgvedic hymn. With two eyes I am so distracted I wonder…

  • checklist

    a checklist to organize life

  • Bag it

    To a woman her handbag is a micro-cosm.

  • The team steam

    an random observation on professional team builders