travel trivia.

 If you thought the tense travels drew a curtain down with boarding the train, well alighting was another story. The train chugged into Thivim just visualize a scene with the sun just rising, the mist beginning to dissolve, the platform looking like a staircase that emerged through the mist. A blue  glad Konkan railway caterer …

social media

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Carrie Rubin

It was not long ago I protested the use of social networking sites, nose a little skyward, with quips like:

“You’ll never catch me on Twitter.”

“I dare you to Google me. You won’t find anything but job-related links.”

“I only wish my life was so dull that I could spend hours of it twiddling online.”

Well, I may not be twiddling, but I’m certainly twittering. And Goodreading. And WordPressing. And commenting and liking and Linking on In.

Writers know marketing is part of the publishing process. They also know it should start early, well before a book summons its first paying reader. But here’s the snag. Many writers are introverts. That is probably why we like to write. We are alone. With our thoughts. Thoughts easier to reveal by keyboard than mouth.

If you are not sure whether or not you are an introvert (really?), I found a checklist to guide you…

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to a virtual world I was all of thirty when I discovered computers, and thirty three when I started using the internet. Initially it was simple emails, and women’s site like gosh I have even forgotten the name. There were some medical sites. When my husband went to Portugal it was the most economic way …

Madam curie

Nov.7th 1867 saw the birth of one of the greatest woman of substance Madam Curie. She studied Physics and Mathematics and went on to earn a doctorate in science. She was the first woman to become the professor of General Physics in the faculty of Science. Radioactive was a term coined by her to describe …