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  • The Juggler

    yahoo, the super juggler, after shedding the superwoman's cape hey every thought of it, I am mama MIA, the universal mother, Who is a super juggler. That one juggle being the supermom, the gracious hostess with the mostest, the dentist, the writer, and the goofer. All this in perfect balance. I learnt this art from…

  • Looking up to a role model

    we all have role models to look up to, mine is my grandmother

  • on being a parent

    When I met Ruma-aunty this holidays, she was telling me if experiencing romance personally was one beautiful part of life, sharing the experience of the younger generation was another. “Today I’m older and companionship, the contentment of fruitful relationships, the small joys of life these are another beautiful part of life, each phase I thought…