change in paradigm

may be it is time to look at alternate leadership

Maybe a time has come to disenfranchise people.

An proactive development module was conducted by Ms. Wilma Mankiller in the US.

She asked the marginalized Cherokee clan what they wanted. The first few meetings were no show and the few who came complained. When she persisted she realized that tge need of the community was not another on paper program for drop out kids or any other thing but a systemic plumbing system, which when laid would allow the kids to have bath in clean water. Unlike the polluted stream that they used now.

Govt. support was a distant dream, but the community decided to take it head on, they planned and each family took on the responsibility of one mile of piping and the need  filled the govt. aid did come, but no construction support came by. The community had a pipe laying relay and they completed their project.

This worked in many ways, the Cherokees worked with whites, the community bonding occurred. More importantly the community self esteem and sense of achievement turned on.. this built the precedent for the community at Bell to sit address their needs and work towards it, without waiting for govt. hand outs. The senior citizens home, Cherokee cultural center have all come up.

Maybe it is time to look at creative leadership and a good organization skill.

Particularly in India, where years of fighting aggressors has lefts tired and our self esteem battered.

Looking up to a role model

we all have role models to look up to, mine is my grandmother

Looking up to a role model is something that neurolinguistic programs always talk about.

Most girls look up to their mothers, or maybe now the more glamorous magazines and  celebrity profile.

The fact that one does not have to confirm, or can rebel silently was taught to me by my grandmother. She would at the beginning of the day put a statement of what she wanted to achieve that day. And quietly go about doing it, initially according to her my grandfather threw tantrum, what my grandmother called male whimpering that roared.

She figured that grandpa threw a tantrum if she was sitting when he came home, so she just evolved a system of taking her rest when he was not around.

The day my aunt left for the hostel, she took up a job just not bothering about grandpa had to say.

Of course my mother did feel that granny disrespected grandpa but granny put it,

“well, I respect myself more”

up above the sky so high

some loud thinking on space day

Today is the space day.

So Taare Zameen Pe is definitely out.

But wonder what space we are talking about the large expanse of the planetary kind where we live in

Or the greater expanse of atomic energy in us?

Like the Kannada poem asks

Naanu mayeyolago, mayeyu Nan olago?

Wonder if Vulcan and Poseidon have been identified and documented; by the astronomer or are they just the fragment of the astrologers imagination?

For all us who are challenged when it comes recollecting the planets in their order this pneumonic might help

My Vicious Earthworm Might Just Swallow Us Now

 Our sympathies with Pluto who has just been relegated as a dwarf planet

the number game

19th November 1892   Le Siecele a French newspaper launches a game of magic squares in 9×9 box.  The catch was that each row, column, and 3×3 sub squares should have the same value this made the game purely asthmatic.

6th July 1895 La France the rival of Le Siecele launches its version of the magic square the 9×9 box again had random numbers and had to be filled, the challenge here was each row, column and diagonal had to contain numbers 1-9

1986 Nikoli the Japanese news paper launched in its current version. By 2005 it had become a rage.

Cross words are replaced by suduko in the agenda of the Patti’s and Thatha’s. Today commemorates the Suduko day, where you can labour over numbers.

sania-shoaib, individually togather.

the annoying reaction of people to a woman’s identity and loyalty after marriage.

Ash and AB  can now breathe peacefully and carry on with life for a while, the press, the gossip mill and bloggers have found a new destination, the Shoaib -Sania marriage.

The canvas here is even wider, it is  international, then there is the icon from the religion called Cricket involved.

Sania of course, has rebelled from being the good middle class girl whose greatest game would have been hockey at school, to Tennis on a international platform without, the Adman or media backing her until she was acknowledged abroad.

Then of course she became the youth rebel icon, unfortunately for her she is good looking, so the gossip mill run amok.

Did you realize the great Islamic community have nothing to say for her, or the fact that she is not Burkha clad. (that’s their concern not ours)

What I find irrational is the reaction of the mostly male community.

She is married so she should shift her allegiance to Pakistan, why, maybe her husband will become Indian.  Or even their current decision, of  retaining nationality and relocating in Pakistan seems very logical and mature.—– would this issue be raised, if say sachin tendulkar was to marry, Lorna doon?

One correspondent suggested that she should no longer be allowed to play for India as she marries a foreigner, — did anyone suggest that about mr.rajiv Gandhi?

She was never a great player, she is now worse, its time she called it quits. Well she did give her best, without anyone’s backing. If she decides to call it quits its her choice. — cricket has its burn outs and short span wonder stars too,

Her performance will go down post marriage? Why should it? — did you question Peas, or Bhupati’s performance after their marriage? I don’t see why she should have any problem unless she has a complicated pregnancy.

Lets hope this gusty, beautiful and talented girl will survive all these  negative vibes and achieve every dream of hers.

the reservation for women

is this reservation really required?

The obsession with press prior to the IPL the women’s bill. One point everyone seems to miss is when we talk of reservation we talk of exclusion and not inclusion. The point is not to draw a line and keep some people beyond. At the end of the day if women vote women, the bill becomes irrelevant. Yet when we look around, lot of smart courageous or valuable women do not seem to think of themselves so. This is true of more so in women who are privileged and powerful. All the self help books seem to focus on external presentation, and those who talk of internal changes talk of the new age- spiritual ones. These in themselves could be a burden. We also have books and groups and counsels empathizing and sympathizing with the woman who is turning super woman, work front and home front, what if men want to stay at home, we look at them like deserters from the battle field. Many of them are killed by their work pressure because they have no life beyond it. The environment is not about “worse than” masculine colonial style or better than the colonized feminine one but is “as well as” At the end of the day  we have forgotten—who should matter most– the individual